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National Toys Project
[c]Having come into being at the earliest stages of civilization, national toys are more than toys. As an indispensable part of traditional folk art, they are a unique expression of a long national history, national spirit and cultural continuity, and represent religious beliefs, world view, taste, classical works and local customs.

1. Name of Project:
”National Toys Project”

2. Brief one-sentence description of project:
Students research and share the information about their national toys, including the instructions on how to create them for the partners to learn from the research of the peers in other parts of the world and to make their school collections of handmade toys.

3. Full description of project:
Step 1: students use different sources, including parents, grandparents, other families and other members of community surveying, questioning, interviewing, to find out the information about their various national folk dolls/toys concerning the history and origin, materials they are usually made of, interesting facts/folk songs/poems about them, believes or superstitions connected with them, etc. Once students are through with their research they make the presentations of their work to the partner schools using MS Word/PP/Publisher/blog/video/email.

Step 2: students make their folk toys using the simplest materials such as paper, threads, straw or even plastic bottles and get ready the image, photo, video, PP instructions on how to make them as well as a special doll/toy’s message of love, respect, friendship etc. and share it with their partners.

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