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New blogs

Participation in international educational projects made me create some blogs. The idea behind the creation is to build Global relationships providing the support to set up class-to-class connections and participate in dialogues about our distinguishing cultures. I hope, students will benefit a lot learning both how to use ICT and how to write about news happening near them, as well as news that's happening in the partnering classroom. They will write opinion pieces, ask questions and respond to the questions asked of them. Articles that might be of interest to the students will be supplied by the administrator -- teachers and students can also supply links to articles, and news-related radio or video content that can be used as well.I 've tried it with my 4A students. It works! They really like it very much! The teachers benefits are vivid - motivation, improvement of students learning skills.
In addition parents get a possibility to see and enjoy the results of their children's work.
You can visit the sites by clicking the relevant buttons in the lower left hand corner of the site page in "Друзі сайту".

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