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Seminars on the English Language Methodology
On April 19 Carol Haddaway, Senior English Language Fellow, US Department of State, visited Monastyryshche specialized school No5 to conduct two seminars on the English language methodology. 30 teachers from the whole district had a chance to participate in the work of the seminars.The participants got acquainted with the system of education in US, shared and discussed the experience in terms of meeting the needs of diverse learners, increasing classroom interactions, classroom management. The theory had a real practical application. The discussion of the participants was organized in several groups.
The meeting with the American colleague has definitely become the significant event in the teachers’ lives, contributed to their professional growth and encouraged them to continue carrying out active teaching. The words of deep gratitude were expressed to Olena Kononenko, School No5 administrator, for organizing such an interesting, informative and educational workshop.
You can download the materials presented by Carol Haddaway from "З практики роботи."

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