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Teacher development and training with British Council
LTEC (Learning Technologies Course) is an online course that introduces basic technologies that can be used in the English language classroom in an efficient, engaging and effective way, and shows you how to integrate learning technologies into your lessons.

The course will help you to:

understand how and why learning technologies are being used in education
develop an awareness of the learning technologies available today
develop an ability to critically evaluate what is available on the web
develop knowledge of practical applications of the technologies
develop a technical understanding of the tools and the technical skills necessary to use these in class
apply this knowledge in order to integrate learning technologies into syllabi and lessons
use learning technologies in a safe, engaging and effective manner.
You'll also benefit from practical classroom examples, as well as hints and tips on how to use and integrate technology into your lessons according to pedagogical principles.

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Course content
1 Getting started - an introductory unit on how to use Moodle
2 An introduction to learning technologies
3 Evaluating and selecting websites
4 Integrating the web
5 Searching the web
6 Copyright and copyright-friendly materials
7 Office applications for whole-class teaching
8 Using Office applications in a computer room
9 Cyber well-being
10 Ideas for school links projects
11 Using the interactive web in the classroom
12 Collaborative online writing
13 Online writing for students and teachers
14 Social networking for educational use
15 Practising listening and speaking with online audio
16 Practising listening and speaking with online video
17 The future

How to apply
To apply for an online course, please fill in this application form. You will be contacted by us as soon as the group is formed.

Please note that our online courses are delivered using Moodle (a web-based environment for delivering course content and managing students), in which a group of teachers and a trained moderator work together. The course certificate is issued to participants upon successful completion of assignments and can not be obtained without active participation.

Application Form
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