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The 2015 Student Technology Conference

The 2015 Student Technology Conference provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion and sharing of educational technology in schools and other academic settings. This conference, by students in grades 6-12 and for all, is committed to:

  • fostering a better understanding of how students use technology in education and to engage students, teachers and administrators in a conversation about technology,
  • assisting teachers and administrators in understanding how students use technology both in and out of the classroom,
  • strengthening the relationship between students, teachers and administrators about technology in the curriculum


This year's conference strands will include:

  • Making, Design and Innovation
  • Student Technology Clubs
  • Technology in Schools – Projects and Collaborations
  • Educational Technology Tools
  • Students and Social Media
  • Entrepreneurship


There is no cost to attend. Instructions and the schedule of sessions will be here.


If you would like to receive a certificate to boast your involvement in this event, you will need to have posted a short reflection to your personal blog or in the discussion forum on the conference site, or you may choose to live Tweet about your session(s) or use another creative way to document your experience with this event.

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