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I learned about The Global Educational Conference last year through iEARN. I joined some sessions and I loved it. So, this year I impatiently waited for this great educational event and managed to attend some live sessions each of which offered perspectives on learning, education and brought something to complement previous knowledge. Just again the Conference 2013 turned out to be an exciting learning journey. It was amazing to see how much inspiring thought and effort is being applied here to the key educational problems of our times.

This year I tried to concentrate on presentations about creativity in education and I was absolutely amazed by Joel Josephson's session "Attaining the creative classroom with practical projects". I loved the way he conducted the session and how the participants were involved into the topic! First the presenter asked for our ideas of what creativity is for each of us and why teachers have to think of creativity. (It's great to get to know the opinions of others!) Then he willingly shared the videos and links to some European projects with resources ( instructions and classroom activities) that demonstrate use of arts and music in schools.I am deeply ipmressed by the digital children's folksongs for language and cultural learning project which is designed to motivate language learners to engage with language learning through using folk songs and activities around the songs. And the idea of a simultaneous, live concert is awsome!!!

This session as well as others gave me the opportunity to answer many questions, find solutions to some problems, learn new things, see the impact of PBL when appropriately used and how it transforms learning into a more engaging , enjoyable and purposeful experience.
If you are worried about how to help your students acquire 21st century skills and are interested in innovative ideas, practical steps, resources, successful experiences, experienced educators and experts , visit the page with the recordings of all the sessions http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/2013-conference-recordings.

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